Mahalo Wellness CBD Capsules - 30mg

Maximize what your body can do by taking our Full Spectrum CBD capsules every day. These small supplements are packed with healthy cannabinoids that when ingested can aide your body in finding homeostasis and balance specific to your health needs.


Mahalo Wellness CBD Capsules - 30mg

Our CBD capsules allow you to know the exact dosage of CBD you are ingesting. Each body metabolizes CBD differently, thus knowing the exact dosage needed to achieve your desired results is crucial.

We maintain the total supply chain for our CBD products. From the seeds in the ground, to farming practices, extraction methods and final packaging, we ensure our products are made from the finest hemp available.

We offer a full spectrum product, meaning our CBD capsules contain CBD along with waxes, terpenes and various cannabinoids from the hemp plant.

All capsules utilize MCT oil to aide in total absorption of the CBD and full spectrum goodness.


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