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Back Pain

Suffering from Back Pain in Plainfield?

Back pain is all too common throughout the country. Most individuals will suffer from some type of back pain at some point or another. In fact, research shows that over 30 million individuals are dealing with back pain right now and that 4 out of 5 individuals will deal with back pain in the future. With these astonishing figures, it’s easy to see how back pain is the primary reason Americans become disabled. These numbers should be enough to motivate anyone to learn more about how back pain develops, how to stop it from developing, and the best remedies for recovery. Our Proactive Chiropractic Group chiropractors have put together the following information to help you find relief from your back pain in Plainfield or avoid it altogether.

With the myriad of ways it is possible to suffer from back pain, including trauma, diseases, and misalignments, it can appear impossible to avoid. The back is an incredibly versatile frame that is able to simultaneously protect the body from damage while allowing smooth motion. The components of the back such as muscles, bones, and ligaments, can sometimes be inflamed or impaired leading to back pain. For some individuals, their back pain is the result of an auto injury while for others it is small habits, such as poor posture, that can be the culprit for their back pain. As a result, it can sometimes be impossible to pinpoint the exact cause of back pain for any one person.

Moreover, all these sources of back pain ignore the alternative ways it can develop. These include poor health, arthritis, and digestive issues. With the seemingly infinite number of ways an individual can be affected by back pain, it takes an experienced doctor to diagnose and treat the underlying issue. Luckily, our chiropractic office in Plainfield has the training and experience to help treat your back pain effectively. Proactive Chiropractic Group has the ability to diagnose and treat your back pain to prevent it from becoming a lifetime ailment.

Disc Bulges or Herniation's

A common reason back pain develops is because of a herniation or bulging disc. The key piece of information to understand, however, is that not all bulging discs or herniations manifest themselves as back pain. Research has found that over a third of American have a bulging disc or herniation and that the overwhelming majority report no symptoms. On the other hand, the minority who do experience symptoms report extreme discomfort.

The kind of discomfort that a herniation produces is determined by the location and kind of herniation. If the injured disc is jutting upon a nearby nerve, numbness, and tingling throughout the extremities may be felt. This pain is usually felt as quick and stab-like. The best way to comprehend the nature of a disc herniation is to think of them as a donut filled with jelly. If the fringes of the donuts deteriorate, usually due to repeated use and old age, the jelly within the disc can begin to leak. Depending on the extent of the damage to the disc, the effects may be able to be alleviated. Relieving the pain linked to herniations can be difficult but chiropractic care can help.


Subluxations are a big contributor to back pain but largely go under the radar. A subluxation is a scientific term to denote a vertebrae within the spinal column that is misaligned. When a subluxation is found, it can be difficult for the affected individual to move correctly. The result is a waterfall effect that disrupts the natural movement of the body and increases the body’s susceptibility to injury and disease. Subluxations can occur throughout the spinal column and can happen due to a nearly unlimited number of reasons.

The root of subluxations can be anything from blunt force impacts, to poor nutrition, to poor sleeping habits. In a similar way that poor nutrition can result in hair falling out or the discoloration of your nails, poor habits can result in misalignments in the spine. There is no set timetable for assessing and treating subluxations across people but the team at Proactive Chiropractic Group is experienced at treating you with the best chiropractic care possible.

Tendon or Ligament Strains and Muscular Sprains

Sprains and strains can affect just about anyone but they are most commonly affect individuals who participate in activities that their bodies are not used to. For instance, an individual who decides to sprint a mile on a whim without having so much as jogged in the past couple of months is more than likely to sustain some discomfort and even injury. Sprains that affect ligaments usually are a result of pushing ligaments to their limit – creating micro and at times complete tears. Strains on a muscular level are usually a result of picking up objects well past weights one is accustomed to lifting. These strains are magnified by using poor form and can significantly injure the back. Both sprains and strains are inextricably linked to the spinal region and consequently benefit greatly from chiropractic care. Our chiropractic team is well prepared to provide the care necessary to rehabilitate individuals and heal from these significant injuries.

Back Pain and Stress

Individuals who suffer from stress regularly possess a different physical makeup than individuals who do not deal with stress routinely. When an individual in dealing with significant stress, their body releases hormones to better manage the position they are in. A few of these physiological adaptations are an increased heart rate, heightened blood pressure, cortisol release, and more. This kind of physiological response is effective in short bursts, however, for those who deal with stress regularly can suffer from significant health issues. The diseases that can manifest from regular stress are heart disease, obesity, and back pain. Fortunately, stress can often be found in the form of “trigger points” across the back. The health team at Proactive Chiropractic Group is experienced at pinpointing and treating these trigger points.

When chiropractors treat back pain, they focus on the root of the issue instead of just dealing with the symptoms. The chiropractic team in Plainfield can help treat your back pain using this successful approach. It is imperative to seek chiropractic care that works. If you are dealing with back pain or want further information, don’t hesitate to contact Proactive Chiropractic Group in Plainfield for your free consultation.

Suffering from Headaches or Migraines?

Suffering from Back Pain in Plainfield?

Headaches and migraines in Plainfield are painful and affect a great number of individuals. If you are unsure whether you have experienced a migraine before then more than likely you have not. This is because a migraine is often incredibly debilitating, leaving suffers near paralyzed out of pain. Conventional medicine utilizes OTC or prescription medicine to deal with the pain, but for many individuals, this does little to treat the underlying issue. To treat your migraines at the source, you need to visit an experienced chiropractic clinic in Plainfield.

There are a number of warning signs that precede the onset of a migraine or headaches. A few of the more common ones are increased irritability, depressive mood, and even mild hallucinations. More often than not, an increased sensitivity to bright lights, noise, and feelings of dizziness will also be felt in the moments leading up to a severe migraine.

Headaches or Migraines in Plainfield

There is an abundance of evidence that shows chiropractic care can alleviate the symptoms of both headaches and migraines. In cases where the spine is realigned and the body is able to better facilitate its self-healing, migraines and headaches can stop altogether. Most people are familiar with the fact that visiting a dentist regularly can prevent cavities from forming, not many realize that regular chiropractic care can prevent headaches and migraines as well.

For over a century chiropractic care has allowed people to live life headache and migraine-free. This is possible due to the intimate knowledge chiropractors have of the spine and the relationship it has with the overall nervous system. It’s straightforward, when the spine is out of alignment it puts pressure on the sensitive nerves throughout your spine. When these nerves are irritated, a cascade effect occurs where your body is not functioning at its peak. When the body is unable to function how it is designed to, it inevitably results in problems. Headaches and migraines are just the start of the havoc a misaligned spine can wreak on a person’s body.

How can Headaches or Migraines be Treated?

The type of treatment for migraines that will be required will depend primarily on the source of the issue. Our chiropractic clinic will work closely with you to identify the root of your migraines. Prescription drugs merely treat the symptoms of a migraine without treating the source of the problem. The result is migraines and headaches that continue to recur. Our team is focused on treating your headaches and migraines permanently without the need for drugs.

Live your life without headaches and migraines in Plainfield. At Proactive Chiropractic Group our chiropractic team will work to treat your symptoms and improve your health long-term. Our team is always available to answer any questions you may have.

Neck Pain

Struggling with Neck Pain?

If you are one of the millions of individuals suffering from neck pain, you know how difficult it can be to find pain relief. Chiropractors have been able to help relieve neck pain for over a century with their natural, effective care. Our chiropractic clinic in Plainfield has experience treating neck pain successfully. Continue reading to learn more about how Proactive Chiropractic Group can help you find relief.

Neck Pain in Plainfield

It is not possible to resolve neck pain without finding the source of the pain in the first place. The chiropractic team at Proactive Chiropractic Group utilizes a diverse set of methods to hone in on the cause of your discomfort. This approach allows us to better treat the patients who visit our office.

The spinal region of the body houses every nerve responsible for sensation within. Muscle tissue that supports the spine can seize and stiffen if the spine is out of alignment. This response by the muscle tissue is thought to be a bodily response meant to safeguard the spine. If individuals maintain poor posture it can magnify this reaction by the muscles and result in chronic pain and even long-term damage.

Letting neck pain and misalignments of the spine linger is a mistake. Most individuals push through the pain with the hope that it will eventually subside on its own. A majority of the time the pain will subside. However, the underlying issue will remain and lead to recurring pain. By ignoring pain and a misaligned spine, an individual opens themselves up to more dangerous injuries that require more invasive procedures to correct.

Common vs. Normal

If you are dealing with neck pain, be wary of the common vs. normal fallacy. This fallacy is that some individuals believe that since neck pain is prevalent that it is normal. While neck pain is common, it should not be taken lightly. This kind of login is harmful and leads to dealing with neck pain far longer than necessary and complications down the road. It is best to not kick down the road issues that can be fixed now.

When you arrive at our clinic we will start by surveying your health background. Our staff will seek to assess the source of your symptoms in order to better assist you. Our goal is to help you increase the quality of life to the fullest extent.

Free yourself from neck pain in Plainfield. Chiropractic care at Proactive Chiropractic Group can help you find relief so contact us today for your free consultation.


Struggling with Sciatica?

Medical professionals at hospitals often see patient visits from those suffering from sciatica. Countless individuals across the country deal with sciatica pain and search endlessly for relief. Often, the condition becomes more aggravated the longer it goes improperly treated. Our chiropractic clinic in Plainfield has put together the following information to clarify how best to manage sciatica and even find long-term relief.

Those who suffer from sciatica are all too familiar with the symptoms. Sciatica pain can range from mild to severe. The location of the pain is typically restricted to the lower extremities and can be intermittent in nature. It is not uncommon for individuals to feel the pain worsen if the condition goes untreated.

Sciatica in Plainfield

The regions of the spine that are most susceptible to being the root of sciatica problems are the lumbar and pelvic areas. At these locations, the delicate structures of the spine can make it challenging to find the root of the pain. Our staff is experienced at finding the root of your pain and afterward will work to realign your spine to correct the problem and relieve your pain.

Many of our patients before receiving treatment find that a simple task such as trying to tie their shoelaces kick-started their severe discomfort. It can seem that sciatica pain can suddenly affect people out of the blue, but the truth is that the root of sciatica develops over a long period of time and suddenly rears its head when the last needle breaks the haystack.

How long until my Sciatica is treated?

The amount of time it takes for a patient to find relief from their sciatica can depend on a variety of factors, such as severity and length of time affected by the condition. It is not uncommon for some patients to find relief immediately while other patients respond after repeated, continuous treatments over a longer timeline. What drives healing is primarily the state of the spine and the discs within it that must be realigned. Thankfully, it is commonplace for us to help patients find relief much quicker than it took for them to develop the condition.

The number of Americans who go through with risky medical procedures on their back is astonishing, with the number of fully successful surgeries woefully low. Some research shows that over a 5-year timeline, only fifteen out of every one hundred surgeries results in effective relief. You deserve better odds than that.

If you are ready to experience pain relief that lasts and avoiding costly surgeries that can irreversibly damage your back, contact the chiropractic team at Proactive Chiropractic Group in Plainfield for your free consultation.


Suffering from Scoliosis?

Are you struggling with scoliosis? More often than not, scoliosis develops as a slight curvature of the spine that worsens over time. For an official scoliosis diagnosis, it is required for there to be a 60 degree or sharper curve of the spine. When scoliosis has reached this point there are often painful symptoms that follow. Thankfully, if the initial curvature is cared for proactively, the chiropractors in Plainfield are able to keep it from developing scoliosis.

Chiropractic care for Scoliosis in Plainfield

There has been a large amount of research done on the root of scoliosis but there is no clear answer as to why it develops. Studies do suggest that it is more common in young women. In most cases, a slight curvature of the spine starts with one vertebra being out of place. When this happens, muscles in the spine tend to favor certain parts of the spine and create imbalances. As this occurs, the spine starts curving to compensate for all the slight imbalances and misalignments in the spine. School-teachers are often the first to report potential cases of scoliosis due to the amount of time they spend with their students and the clear tilted posture that accompanies scoliosis. Scoliosis cannot be fixed simply by being mindful and attempting to stand up straighter like other spine ailments.

While scoliosis tends to affect adolescents disproportionately, it can still manifest itself in older adults. As adults age, their vertebrae tend to slowly degenerate. Without proper maintenance care, this degeneration can be sped up by disorder like osteoporosis. Eventually, this weakening of the spine cause imbalances that turn into the curvatures characterized by scoliosis. If this abnormal curvature goes untreated, severe damage can occur to internal organs.

An x-ray can be performed by your doctor to determine what is the best way to treat your scoliosis. Proactive Chiropractic Group in Plainfield is also experienced in assessing your balance to detect scoliosis quickly.

Treating Scoliosis

Like most conditions, individuals would be wise to try the least invasive and most natural methods of therapy first. Research has shown that chiropractic care is effective in treating scoliosis. The chiropractic team at Proactive Chiropractic Group has the training and experience to help you start feeling better and avoid expensive medical procedures. Our staff will first assess your health as whole to find the potential source of your scoliosis. It’s not uncommon that poor nutrition, injuries, or strenuous occupations are found in conjunction with scoliosis. Once your health is properly evaluated, our chiropractor will adjust your spinal column carefully to treat your condition. Often, the end result of your treatment plan is pain relief and your return to your active lifestyle.

Feel free to contact our chiropractic team at Proactive Chiropractic Group in Plainfield if you want more information, call for your free consultation today!